Halloween Family Movie Bucket List

As your basic millennial, I grew up watching ABC Family's [now Freeform] 13 Nights of Halloween [now 31 Nights of Halloween]. It was an event I looked forward to and watched religiously.

Now that cable is becoming more and more obsolete and a vast majority of us rely mostly on streaming, I wanted to make sure my kids didn't miss out on their very own 31 Nights of Halloween experience.

To help limit the dreaded decision paralysis that so often plagues the members of my household, I came up with this family-friendly list of Halloween and Spooky Season movies for them to choose from.

Halloween Family Bucket List by Little Lovelies Studio

There is no right or wrong way to tackle this list and no need to go in order. Simply get comfy, grab a snack, and pick a movie to watch. I've included a little check box next to each movie so you can check them off as you work through the list.
Save the list image to your phone or, if you're a paper person like me, click the link to download and print it out. Bonus points if you frame it [the file is 8x10] to reuse every Spooky Season -- just use a dry erase marker to check off the movies you've watched.
If you're anything like me [and my husband for that matter] and you suffer from decision paralysis, you could write all the movies on a slip of paper [or popsicle stick to use over and over again] and draw from a hat.

If pee your pants, give you nightmare movies are more your speed, check out my Halloween Movie Bucket List. It is definitely NOT family-friendly and will have you checking under your bed each night and sleeping with the light on.

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