FREE Printable Super Bowl 2024 Bingo Cards

2024 Super Bowl Bingo Cards


Super Bowl LVIII [aka Super Bowl 58 for those of us who aren't the best with Roman numerals] will be here before we know it! Kickoff is 6:30pm EST on Sunday, February 11th.

While watching the game and commercials in and of itself is pretty entertaining, why not add a little more fun to the evening with bingo cards? 

These 2024-themed bingo cards have something for everyone: spots for those actually interested in the game, spots for those who are into the commercials, spots for Chiefs fans, spots for 49ers fans, and of course spots for the Swifties!

The downloadable file is in PDF format and includes 10 unique bingo cards. There are five 8.5" x 11" pages in total, with two 5" x 7" cards on each page. Simply download the file, print, trim, and boom! Bingo cards!

Want to download these bingo cards for FREE? Click here learn how to do so!

Not interested in trading your email address for a free download? No worries! You can purchase a printable file for the bingo cards here [ps. the file only costs $5!]!

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