5 Non-Photo-Related Reasons to Send a Holiday Card

Tis the season to send out holiday cards! While most people [myself included] use this as an opportunity to update and send out family photos, here are 5 other reasons to send some holiday snail mail.

1. To show your gratitude. You can use your card and a quick little note to express your appreciation and/or gratitude for something someone said to you or did for you.

2. To reconnect with friends and family. Popping a card in the mail is a great reminder to friends and family that although they're far away [and maybe you haven't seen them in a while], they're definitely not forgotten. Since I live in a military town, and my friends are constantly moving away, I love sending out a quick little update [no, I actually DON'T put everything on social media] framily, especially during the holiday season!

3. To network. If you have a business, it's a chance to skip the shop talk and connect on a personal level. I *try* to send out a card to all of my wholesale accounts every year. Some years I make it through the entire list, other years...not so much.

4. Cards make great keepsakes. My dad is notorious for sending cards for just about every holiday. When I was a kid, my parents were separated and since my dad was a flight attendant, I didn't get to see him a whole lot. He would send my siblings and me cards and postcards to help bridge the gap. To this day, I still save every card and postcard he sends me and my kids.

5. To spread holiday cheer. There is nothing like using snail mail to brighten someone's day! Send a card with a silly joke or maybe a heartfelt message that leaves the reader feeling warm and fuzzy.

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